EARLY ZANKIE— June 28th snippets - 12am & on.

Zach: Frankie & I are going to be the Final 2, no matter what. You watch America. Like I said before I entered this game, I have the best social game here… until I met Frankie. 

Zach to Frankie: You are killing it, and that’s an understatement. You’re amazing. That’s why I fucking wanted— I knew going into this game that I wanted one person that I could trust with my life. You are clearly that person. You know? Without a doubt. So, you’re doing amazing.

Victoria: He’ll be your showmance.
Zach: He already is my showmance.

I'm watching the YT show "But First" and Zach's friend Drew said that Zach needs to get drunk first when he is hooking up with girls. I think Drew just spilled the beans about Zach being gay. People are freaking out about that info right now on Twitter.
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I wish people would ask Drew if HE realizes what that means. And why he would want that for someone he says is his friend. Zach told Frankie that until he left for BB, he’s spent almost every day of the last seven years getting high. These should be huge red flags for Drew that Zach has been in real emotional pain (that’s an issue that will only get worse in the future if Zach isn’t forced to confront the reason why). And now he’s been with Frankie the last two months, happier than he’s ever been, “in love with Frankie” who he loves “more than anyone” Zach’s “ever met in his entire life” and who has all of the qualities most important to Zach (and those are ALL Zach’s own words), and he can get hard even just cuddling Frankie… while sober, no booze or drugging himself to blunt his emotions needed.

Drew (and Jill) need to think about this very seriously right now. Before Zach gets home. And they need to push aside whatever reservations they have about Zach’s sexuality, for ZACH’s sake, and encourage him to live freely and not go back to the way it’s been for him.

Also: If Zach was a girl and her “best friend” was going around telling guys that the best way to get with her is to get her drunk first because that’s the only time she will have sex….. what would the fandom response be?



Honestly my favourite part about Zach’s gameplay was when he got a boner after cuddling the shit out of Frankie for an entire night that was A+ strategy I totally fell for it I was like fuck Dicaprio give him an Oscar


And remember when he asked the other guys why they don’t get hard when they cuddle? Because they don’t want to fuck Frankie like you do.



“Honestly, if that came out (suggestive pictures of him and Frankie) and that was like on a Google image search and was like ‘Zach, what do you have to say for yourself?’ I’m just going to be like, ‘Frankie’s an aggressive dude.’ ”

Side note in case anyone missed it; in the very beginning of the video when Zach and Frankie hug, Zach licks Frankie’s neck. ;)

Just the fact that Zach was SO worried about it… Says something. Cody didn’t seem to be bothered by it at all.


The fact that Zach seems to be panicking makes me more convinced than ever that he has had gay thoughts/feelings for Frankie… Because if it was just an act…wouldn’t you be comfortable with the fact that people might call you gay? There is no way that Zach could be dumb enough to say “Hey, I’m gonna strategically/purposely flirt with guys/a guy all summer and no one’s going to question my sexuality”…

This is why Zach NEEDS to get supportive messages about coming out, about how much we loved watching him be HIMSELF with Frankie. Ignoring reality or enabling him to stay closeted is simply not doing him a kindness. I’m not saying hold a gun to his head and yell at him “say you’re gay”, but getting flooded with messages about how beautiful their relationship is, how awesome he is WITH Frankie, can only help him in both the near and distant future.

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Flashback to 6/28 12:41am.

F: I’ve been just so afraid to like, fall in love again.

Z: yeah it’s scary, it’s so scary. because you would do anything for that person, and if that person were to leave you, what the fuck would you do? You would be fucked.

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I’m thinking specifically of when he kept repeating “You fucked me… You fucked me… He fucked me…”



an anon wanted me to upload the sandwich video so here it is :)

He’s so in love it’s ridiculous. I love Frankie’s, “Is there gonna be um, a happy ending to this meal?”

Love is the thing that has licked ‘em, and it looks like Zachary’s another victim… When you see a guy reach for stars in the sky… 

Zach really fell hard and fast. For me the only thing that rivals this for pure romance and sweetness is the triple major reveal.

"I knew that’d be your dream."




7/30 7:53pm


Oh my God. I hadn’t realized that Zach put his hand on Frankie’s ass before Frankie even thought to bring his hand there himself. WHAT EVEN.

This kinda turns me on… Fuck.

I literally can’t believe y’all never noticed that Zach grabs Frankie’s ass and thigh first. Literally  c a n n o t  believe!



"I ask this, if there should be an assassination, I would hope that five, ten, one hundred, a thousand would rise. I would like to see every gay lawyer, every gay architect come out — If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door, and that’s all. I ask for the movement to continue. Because it’s not about personal gain, not about ego, not about power, it’s about the "us’s" out there. Not only gays, but the Blacks, the Asians, the disabled, the seniors, the us’s. Without hope, the us’s give up — I know you cannot live on hope alone, but without it, life is not worth living. So you, and you, and you…You gotta give them hope. You gotta give them hope."


Frankie: I have an announcement. Cody and I…are friends.

Zach: (immediately looks at Frankie)

Then a hug and something inaudible.

Zach: What does that mean?

Frankie: *walks up to Zach and hugs him from behind*

Zach: Well. I knew that was coming. I was like now Frankie’s gonna hug me from behind.

Frankie: My penis is—

Zach: God, if I was gay dude—

Frankie: I know! I know! And you keep saying it to me and it ruins my life.

Zach: I know, I know I can’t keep saying that.

Frankie: Because all I want is for that to be the truth!

This was great.

We got three signature Zankie tropes out of it: Jealous Zach, “If I was gay…”, and foreplay.

You heard “Frankie you’re disgusting.” I heard “Frankie you’re the best.”

Zach Rance, 8/18 10:30 PM PST

Of course he heard what he’s thinking rather than what was actually said.

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After the HG reveal, 5 days before the BB16 premiere Zach’s friend posted this on Facebook & I still want to know why.

It’s the same guy from the “Study Room” video


There was an awful lot of lip-gazing going on from Zach’s direction in that video… ;)


After the HG reveal, 5 days before the BB16 premiere Zach’s friend posted this on Facebook & I still want to know why.

Is Nick his only buddy who is not in denial?

I am curious, I am not asking you to assign a label to Zach or say that he is gay/straight/bi/pan/Frankie because no one but Zach can ever do that but based off of what you have seen of Zach (& Frankie) do you believe he has feelings slightly stronger than friendship?
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Okay, I have a lot of thoughts about this actually!

I want to preface this by saying that this is MY interpretation of everything that went on. I am in no way saying what I think is 100% correct and I accept the fact that I’m not in Zach’s head and could very well be wrong. This is just how I see it.

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This is a really interesting interpretation of everything that has happened with those two and I strongly agree with you on several of your points. I love them together and I honestly don’t care if they become a couple I just hope they don’t let the friendship that they have go to waste and contiue to be in each other’s lives.

I also strongly agree with several of these points. However, I think that I might be in a minority that thinks Zach is actually gay — or much closer to gay than he is to straight. If you tried to pin me down on his Kinsey number, I’d guess that he’s about a 5.

(All of the points the OP makes in the 2nd and 3rd paragraphs are just the tip of the iceberg in Zach’s apparent disinterest in the female sex. Like, I haven’t seen or heard anything that actually suggests he is interested in women sexually, but I have heard him say a lot of things that suggest the opposite. I mean, I am sure that he thinks some girls are beautiful and is probably fascinated by boobs, but that applies to many gay men too.)