"I could swallow that."

Straight girls, take note: it is NOT rainbows that turn your boyfriends gay. It’s gay men with experience that get them every time.

This poor boy, I swear to god.

  • "Following Lance must be a business decision."
  • "No, it’s just a coincidence. Sob."
  • "He has NO idea that Frankie’s going around saying he’s in love with Zach ohmygod this is so awkward."
  • "He’s not tweeting or instagramming that he loves Frankie, so he must not care about him!"
  • "Why won’t Zach just TALK to Frankie?! And TELL him how he feels?!"
  • "He trolled Victoria on Facebook, maybe he IS straight I don’t knowwwwwwwww."
  • "Nothing Zach does makes any SENSE! He’s so confusing I just don’t undersTAND!"
  • "If he really wanted to be in a relationship with Frankie, he would have come out of the closet already because…….." I literally don’t even know how y’all attempt to finish this stupid thought.

And now he’s already being set up with imaginary future girlfriends.

All of THAT is what is meant by “…the pressure he’s getting perhaps from his faith, from the culture, from society, from his fellow frat boys, from the expectation that everyone carries around that everyone else, until they open their mouths to say that they’re gay, is straight." Zach’s actions are only "confusing" for you if you have convinced yourself that he’s straight. "But he said he was!" So what? The implication here is that queer people never lie about their sexuality, that they never have to lie. Besides, he’s also said he that he isn’t straight. Why don’t you take that just as seriously? "If he wasn’t straight, then I can’t see him not being open about it." Really, Rose? Why is there is suddenly no such thing as the closet when we start talking about people’s faves being in it?

He’s literally TOLD Frankie that he’s in love with him. He’s told Frankie that he wants to have sex with him. Frankie actually makes his dick hard. He’s felt Frankie’s dick against him and liked it. He’s had Frankie’s hand down his pants and liked it. He’s had Frankie’s lips, tongue and teeth all over his body and liked it. He’s told other people that Frankie makes his dick hard and that he wants to have sex with Frankie. He’s vomited verbal love letters to Frankie all summer long. He’s confessed to not being straight. He explicitly expressed his intent to discuss his sexuality and being in love with Frankie in private. He explicitly does not strongly desire emotional, sexual or physical affection with females. His straight friends suspected that he would want to hook up with Frankie and admit that he needs to be drunk to attempt intercourse. He had to be high to get through the last seven years of his life.

Some thought needs to be given to why the phrase “I’m straight” is granted SO much more validity/strength than any of the above actual statements and actions. I also don’t understand what more some of you need to see the clear picture. A sex tape? Even then I think a lot of you would find a way to rationalize it away. “It’s just a phase,” some of you would say. Coming out to all of us, directly? That was never going to happen in less than a week after being out of the BB house, but that also doesn’t mean that he won’t do it eventually. They’ve literally said at various points now that they’re working on it, they’re talking, they need privacy — no cameras or mics. And the more that Zach’s met with calm and welcoming, pro-queer messages (which Frankie is for him in human form: boldly gay-positive, sweet, liberated and liberating), the better. Just because he doesn’t reply to them doesn’t mean he isn’t seeing them and internalizing them, using them to galvanize himself to move forward. I watched him do exactly that all summer.


Honestly I think Zach has realized that the plan to use gameplay as a way to explain his cuddle sessions with Frankie is a bust. The last we heard from Zach he was claiming gameplay again and saying that hands didn’t wander. Of course we all knew that wasn’t true because we saw Frankie’s hand literally down Zach’s pants in my favorite Zankie moment I refer to as “But babe I’m so tired”. And as we all know that’s not the only time when we saw hands wandering. I think Zach has seen some of this footage and is flabbergasted that all of this was seen on the feeds. It’s been obvious for some time that Zach really has no concept of how the feeds work, nor does he realize how many people were actually watching them. Who knows, maybe Jill even told him that he’s got to come up with better answers because the public has seen so much. I think now that he realizes how much we’ve seen of him and Frankie he feels embarrassed. I imagine he’s embarrassed for two reasons. One reason being that their intimate, private moments were seen by so many and are sitting on every social media platform forever. And the second reason is now he knows that each time he used the gameplay reasoning we all knew the truth and found his explanations ridiculous; that’s got to make anyone feel a little foolish. Since now he knows that he can’t say it was all game, he’s probably trying to think what his next step will be and how to really handle everything.

Let’s not panic, this can actually be a good thing. At least now he knows that people love Zankie not only as a friendship or TV showmance, but a real romantic relationship. He can know that their relationship is so special and inspires so many. When I hear that he’s cleaning out his Instagram the optimist in me thinks he’s doing so to make room for new people and a new life. Whatever the reason for his silence, I hope he’ll emerge as the same fun and entertaining Zach who we fell in love with.

I could not agree more. Well said.


keep in mind zach has said "what will my friends think?" (shortly after frankie kissed his neck), "my mom will probably disown me" (because of the kind of comments he made on the feeds), and claimed more than once that he hoped nobody watched the feeds (once after he let frankie pin him face down on the pool table, which is when he also said "if anybody screenshot that, i’m fucked!" and came up with the idea to tell people frankie is just really aggressive.)

zach does care about what people think. nobody is impervious to being judged. right now he is in the process of deciding what he does and does not want to share with the world, because you have to remember zach is not obligated to tell us anything. people act as though lying to the media or omitting truths from the public is a brand new concept.

this is why it will aggravate me when people start tweeting him, insisting they are defending his honor by saying he’s not gay. they will only be feeding into his suspicions that he would be judged if he were to say he had feelings for frankie. 



It’s so ironic tho bc when they were in the house zach made it waaaay more obvious he was into frankie than frankie made him being into zach but outside the house it has been the compete opposite

Zach’s not that different from when he was in the house, really. He would always reserve his most loving, vulnerable and truest self for Frankie when they were alone. That’s still what he’s doing; WE just can’t see it. We’re now the other houseguests.


Ummmm it hasn’t even been a week since the finale? Zach just got home from LA less than 24 hours ago? Him and Frankie had no alone time in jury and no alone time after the finale? Give Zach a chance to BREATHE. If he truly feels something more for Frankie, think of how he feels. He has identified as straight his whole life. Not to mention he just got off a reality show where he was completely shut out from the outside world for over 100 days to find out he’s hugely loved by the BB fandom and has all these people vying for his attention. He has got to be overwhelmed. He needs time and he needs alone time with Frankie to discuss things. The fact that Frankie is still publicly expressing his feelings for Zach implies that Zach has not told him over text that they have no chance of being more than friends. Think about it. Why wouldn’t Zach just shut Frankie down if he was 100% sure he’d never be with him romantically? Frankie is obviously being patient and understanding with Zach and he’s the one in love with him, so why can’t we just chill for a bit?

Not only this, but please remember that he is dealing with all of this^ SOBER. He had to get high every day for the last seven years to deal with his life. The last time he smoked was the day before he left for Big Brother. It’s all brand new territory for him.

I seriously can’t with y’all expecting him to come out to the world, being super confident and totally fearless and yada yada. You’re confusing the Zach Attack CHARACTER with Zach Rance. The character exists because Zach the real person has needed a shell… for the same reason that turtles need their shells. 


frankie said in the interview, “the few times where I was like ‘Maybe? Should I like… put my arm around? Should I like move a little closer?’ I was always like ‘No.’ I don’t want to pollute this thing that we already have”

and like:




You put your arms around him and more, ROSE XD

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Zach Rance & Kelli Green (radio interview)


"I love him more than a—"
*Looks at Frankie*
"…more than a lot of people."

This is literally the cutest interview of Zach I have ever seen.

This boy is on cloud nine. He sounds ready to break into "I’ve Got the World on a String" and mean every word of it.

I love hearing him using his real voice, too, instead of his butch “bro” voice.


Awwwwwwww, I like that Frankie said that what he and Zach have is so special and unique. Because it’s SO true. We all see it. I think he’s protecting Zach with a lot of his answers, he sounds so serious and mature. I love the person Frankie Grande is outside of the BB house. I really do. :)

Bolded for importance.

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Maybe Jill Rance will start to see the obvious when cucumbers start missing from the fridge, her house starts smelling oddly like water-based gun oil lube and Zach refuses to come out of his room



Someone might have sent him a brand new butt plug AND Gun Oil in his care package…


Zach’s smile tho

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@3:00 [Amber describes being a Miller High Life girl traveling with eight other girls and riding mechanical bulls]

Hayden: Wooooow!
Zach: Imagine being the guy in charge of that—
Hayden: Dude omg I’d be like…
zach: —just drinking Miller!
Hayden: “I’m your manager. Just get on the bulls and ride naked.”
Zach: …..
Hayden: Game over.
Zach: ………. *shakes head* ……… *changes subject back to Hayden’s veto performance*

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Thank you for reblogging that Dan Savage post! I have said all along that people who continue to defend a closeted person's heterosexuality make it a million times harder for them to actually come out. They're trying to be 'sensitive' and 'understanding' when all they are is fucking ignorant and reinforcing 'straight by default'. This needs to be read by all people on any end of the sexuality spectrum.
flyzaminelli flyzaminelli Said:

You’re welcome, and thank YOU. You’re 100% correct.


never forget

He literally stops in his tracks and is rendered speechless.

"wut. …………….did he? ………………………………………………………….."

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what even is this look

Bitchhhhhhh I’m dead

Shittt is realllll

I mean to me you can see him look up at Frankie with pure love, then realize it and look down like, “shit I’m in love.”





what even is this look

Bitchhhhhhh I’m dead

Shittt is realllll

I mean to me you can see him look up at Frankie with pure love, then realize it and look down like, “shit I’m in love.”