Zach being cute and giggling at everything Frankie says.

"I laugh at everything you do, it’s hilarious."

"See? She’s just kidding. Don’t put on clothes!"

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Idk man I’m probably gonna vote 15x Zach and 5x Frankie? Or should I do 10/10. Or just 20x for one of them. This is so hardddd

how are y’all gonna vote each day?

I’m only voting for zach. I adore Frankie of course but 1) he got farther in the game 2) he will have Ariana’s fan…

I’m only voting for Zach, ditto.

Donny and Frankie have the Team America money, which they honestly made at Zach’s expense (plus, Donny’s got the soap opera gig). I’m not mad at them for it anymore, but it’s only fair IMO that Zach get his cut of the prize for which he did a bulk of the work.

Every time he says he loves me
chills run down my spine
Every time he wants to kiss me
he makes me feel so fine

From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Zach Rance’s Life

  • Zach: I only call the girls I like "babe"
  • Zach: *calls Frankie "babe" every day*


whats wrong? are you okay? are you good frankie? how do you feel? do you need anything? i can get you anything you need. are you feeling okay? seriously do you want me to get you something? i can get you anything. do you need something? are you okay?

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Jill’s currently retweeting Zach quotes, including zankie stuff like




she isnt stupid, she is trying to get the Grande’s on her side. 

I don’t think her opinion on Frankie has changed, I just think she’s trying to avoid getting dragged by her roots on Twitter again.

Yep, and she saw Joan unsheathing the claws on twitter yesterday. She wouldn’t stand a chance in that fight.



Back rubs ♥‿♥

i seriously cant handle this video. its like zach intentionally grabs the pillow so he can block something. and frankie moves a little and it looks like zachs touching his side or something. then frankie shifts a bit and zachs just tracing circles on his back. guhhhhhh its so loving.

Blocking Frankie from feeling his boner is that “something”.

It’s an interesting conversation, Frankie is subtle in his campaigning to stay but the vibe still seems like he knows that he’s going.

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Exclusive photo of Frankie and Zach once Frankie’s dumb ass gets sent to the jury house.

the blond just needs a touch of pink and the brunette needs a pink hat XD

Zach and Frankie are Seth Macfarlane stans. They would love this.



LMAO @ flinging himself across the bed to get away from Devin’s cuddling.

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I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking it. Oops.

Exactly! And holy shit, the heterosexual entitlement and privilege on display… JFC. Frankie might or might not boycott straight weddings to protest his own civil rights being denied him, but plenty of LGBTQ people do, and she had just assumed!? And Frankie is legally a Florida resident, too; he and her cousin cannot even get married there.

"I know I call myself a queen, but I don’t like when he does it," he says to Cody and Derrick. Then he mutters "just kidding", but he clearly isn’t kidding. He is very agitated.

Apparently the “queen” comment was initially said by Caleb during nomination ceremony today, then he said it again later. I saw the second one, and it really did not come off well. 

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I gotta say, it’s pretty upsetting to see that all zankie shippers are being called “the worst” because of probably just a few immature people that they apparently don’t know how to ignore or block.

I do understand the anger from the family right now, so it’s whatever. But they are acting like they don’t know how social media works…and how insane Big Brother fans can get. Like, if you don’t know how to ignore it, maybe you shouldn’t run public accounts.

I just really hate the word delusional. It might be silly to think they would actually end up together, but the thought that real feelings happened between them is not!

This whole thing is getting out of hand on both parts.

Wow, super bitch. “You’re not all bad, [but you are all] just delusional”??? That’s not just being ugly to Zach’s fans, that’s being hateful to Zach too, invalidating HIS feelings.

What are they even claiming to be so enraged about? Zankie shippers sending them pro-Zankie comments? …their blind support of Nicole, who is the one actually responsible for breaking Zach’s heart and damaging his relationship with the person he loves more than anyone he’s ever met? …defending Frankie against the unfair criticism he receives from them? …the thinly veiled homophobia in many of Jill’s statements?

I would never compile Zach’s family’s anti-Zankie and/or homophobic comments and send them to Zach. That’s emotional violence and the LAST thing I want him to know or feel is that he is surrounded by snakes who have closed minds about him and who are laying in wait to poison his relationship with the person he loves more than anyone besides his little brother. Why can’t they give him the same courtesy?

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